Top 9 Gym Bag Essentials – Must Have Items To Include In Your Gym Bag

Sleep and exercise are inextricably bound; it’s all but impossible to exercise in the morning if you didn’t sleep well the night before, and it’s very difficult to fall asleep at night if you didn’t exercise during the day. So get moving! This list is designed to get you to the gym with as little stress as possible – and without forgetting anything crucial. May you never do a spin class sock-less again.

01 Water Bottle

Fiddling around with a water bottle while you exercise can get super- annoying. And the most important reason that’s why you need a water bottle is make sure that you drink enough water when exercising. Opting for a reusable bottle will help cut down waste from single-use plastic – as well as save you money in the long run.

02 Running Shoes
Duh! But who among us has never forgotten them (and then tried to kickbox in Converse)? So bring your gym shoes.

03 Gym Clothes
Workout top, workout bottoms, sports bra if you need one – you know the deal. But be sure you don’t forget the most forgettable item of all…socks!

04 Change of Clothes
This can be whatever you want to wear – we’re not your mother! But whatever clothes you decide to change into post-workout, don’t forget your underwear, socks, and shoes! You are so close to gym-bag greatness; don’t drop the ball now.

05  Elastic Hairbands
Sure, they have hair bands at most gyms now, but they are usually so thin and tiny that they appear to be made for dolls. So bring some that can withstand your workout.

06 Toiletries
They probably have basic toiletries at your gym, but you should bring whatever items you can’t live without. If you hate disposable razors, pack yours. Or if you hate that strange, spray-on deodorant at most gyms, pack your native deodorant – paraben-free and aluminum-free and available in natural aromas.

07 A Snack
If you leave work crazy hungry, there’s no chance you’ll make it to the gym, so stash something easy, like a snack bar, in your bag.


08 Entertainment
You probably have your phone, so you’re set on music, but don’t forget your headphones! There is nothing sadder than elliptical-ing in silence. Time moves backwards. Trust.

If your workout headphones are due for an upgrade, try wireless headphones, which are built to stay in place through your sweatiest, bounciest workouts.

09 Shower Shoes
You are officially a locker-room boss if you are so organized that you actually remember shower shoes. People will stop you and ask you to be their life coach.


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